Sharing our knowledge and combining our resources

Southern Angel Investors Club is a diverse group of business entrepreneurs, investment specialists and individuals who work or worked in the corporate and public sectors. We share our knowledge and combining our resources to help start-ups and those scaling businesses. We like to encourage new and growing companies with investment and practical help.

We are not professional financiers, we simply share a common enjoyment of business and of using our experience to help talented people with new ideas achieve their potential. However we are commercially minded, which is why we focus on investments with high growth business opportunities; but we are also experienced enough to know that all investments are a calculated risk- and that this is part of the excitement of being a business angel.

We meet around five times per year in various locations around our region.  At each meeting, there are three or four presentations from companies looking for investment. There is plenty of opportunity to ask questions. Our meetings also offer a networking opportunity for members to learn from each other and to discuss what they have heard.

Outside of our meeting structure, we socialise. One segment enjoys fine lunches locally and on several occasions as far away as Athens. Occasionally meetings are followed by golf, and our annual festive meeting, where we invite neighbouring clubs to join us, has been well attended.

We welcome new members openly, initially as guests, and enjoy watching their involvement increase.

You can meet some of our members and hear their perspectives on the Club by clicking here and see who is driving the activities throughout the year.

Southern Angel Investors Club was formed on 1st January 2021 by a merger of Surrey Investors Club  and  Angels 5K, both of which were long-established groups of angel investors.