What is the process between presentation and investment?    

If Club members are interested in finding out more about an investment opportunity presented at a Club meeting, our process is:   

  • A “follow up lead” from among the interested members is the main point of contact for the company through the process   
  • The Club contacts the company, setting out the information the members expect to see, preferably in a data room.   
  • The data room link/information is distributed to the interested members with a request for questions   
  • Questions from the members are collated and sent to the company for written responses   
  • A follow up meeting is held between the company and the interested members, in person or via Zoom   

The follow up lead then:   

  • co-ordinates requests for additional information and any discussion on the terms of investments   
  • collects non-binding investment amounts from the interested members   
  • provides the company with the email addresses of those intending to invest   
  • The company then handles the investment process direct with each investing member   


  • The company should send communications to members who have invested, as for any other shareholder, not to the Club 
  • Where a member of the Club is a director or board observer, they will usually coordinate the response of investing members on issues requiring shareholder feedback. The follow up lead may do this if they invested.              

Please note:   

  • We are a club – members collaborate in the follow up, sharing our information, knowledge and experience, opinions and conclusions   
  • Each member must make their own decision on what information they need, whether is it is reliable, and then on whether to invest   
  • Neither the Club nor any member has any responsibility to any other member for providing information or for their investment decision   
  • The Club is not authorised by the FCA and has no involvement in investment decisions, the making or administration of investments. 

If you are looking for investment, please click here.