Looking for investment

If you’re looking for investment in your company, Southern Angel Investors Club (SAIC) may be able to help. We are a group of experienced business people based across southern England, who invest in and support early-stage UK businesses.   

Our mission is to provide a collaborative environment in which members can build a portfolio of these investments, and where businesses can access both funding and expertise from our members.  

On a regular basis, SAIC members not only invest their money but also their time and expertise – with numerous examples of members becoming Executives or NEDs or Board Observers of invested companies.

What we are looking for in a company?

There isn’t an ‘ideal’ profile for a company that SAIC look for – we invest across categories and we invest in companies in different stages of development. In all cases, what we do look for is evidence of ‘investment readiness’ – there are various checklists on what that means depending on the size or stage of a raise but we are certainly looking for companies who are able to populate their data room with comprehensive information on the company immediately.

For SAIC, a company that is ‘investment ready’ is able to share these in their data room:

  • Strategy/3 year plan
  • Financial documents showing funding and or revenues/costs/cashflows
  • IP/trademark info
  • CAP table
  • Leadership team biographies
  • Shareholder agreement and articles of association

What information do you need to send us?

If you would like to be considered for selection to present at an event, please email opportunities@southernangelinvestorsclub.org.uk and we will then send you a link to an online application.

The documents we usually aim to collect are:

  • Executive Summary or ‘teaser’ document – typically 1-3 pages.
  • A PowerPoint or other form of presentation, suitable for a 15-minute pitch, with appendices with more detail to respond to Q&A etc.
  • Business Case or Investment Memorandum
  • Included in the above, high level financial figures, sufficient for a meaningful discussion on use of investment funds and valuation.

At this stage, companies are also asked to confirm acceptance of our fees, terms and conditions.

The ‘pitch decks’ and supporting information from companies seeking investment will be reviewed by a panel of members and those selected will be invited to present to the membership.

Having had hundreds of companies approach us over the years, we know which questions come up regularly – so you should click here to take a look at the FAQs